The Association offers the service of advertising vacancies, for all LSCBs on our website.


  • LSCBs can achieve high impact advertising on our website
  • 97% of Independent LSCB Chairs are a member of the Association
    Our Vacancies page is the third most popular first destination page consistently every month
  • illustrating that individuals are bookmarking this page so they can go directly to it


  • One third of LSCB posts are filled by Independent Chairs who currently hold at least one position
  • Demonstrating an appetite, by our Members, for acquiring further positions


  • For those LSCBs that support the Association with a Partnership Grant, of £1500 per annum, this service is FREE!
  • With each Partnership having the ability to advertise as many vacancies as they wish, throughout the whole year!
  • For those who are unable to support us, we charge a one-off fee of £650 per post, for a four week run