Information for SCR Authors

The Association responded to a request from many LSCBs to provide a central, national resource of potential SCR authors/reviewers. The provision of a national resource gives LSCBs greater scope in being able to identify the right person at the right time to be able to work with them on an SCR. 

This is an open invitation for any indvidual to be added to the Database of SCR Authors/Reviewers. You might already be a reviewer, chair, report writer or commissioner of children's serious case reviews, domestic homicide reviews, safeguarding adults’ serious case reviews or mental health homicide investigations. Or you might have experience of writing equivalent in-depth and complex reports or chairing other investigations, reviews, major complaints, audits or similar work. If you wish for your details to be added to the database please download the SCR Author Template to the right and email it to  Your name will be added to the Directory and your form will be uploaded and stored on our website.  Author details are currently only made available to members of the Association and LSCBs subscribing to the LSCB Partnership arrangements.  

It should be noted that there is no Quality Assurance Process and inclusion on the National Directory does not suggest any kind of "endorsement" by the Association. It will be the responsibility of individual LSCBs, to discern the suitability of any author/reviewer.

If you wish to update the details we hold, please re-send an updated template to and we will replace your previous details with your update.  If you do not have a copy of the record we hold, we can arrange, by request, to forward this to you.

SCR Author Template
(Microsoft Word Document)

SCR Authors

Once you have downloaded the Biography template above and completed, submit your biography here