Effective Safeguarding Partnerships

Updated Aug 2018

AILC's Resource includes an A-Z Directory of 'EFFECTIVE SAFEGUARDING PARTNERSHIPS'. The list of examples of LSCB policies and practice below are from most LSCBs across the country  - and across a range of 46 different topics, categorised as LSCB 'Process' or 'Subject'/abuse types. There are now a total of 166 LSCB examples, with at least one 2018 example in each topic - click on each green box topic to obtain the links to the LSCB documents.

The list below and topic examples are Private Members Content Only  - accessed by colleagues with a valid log in. Comments, and submission of new LSCB examples, are very welcome, to policy@lscbchairs.org.uk.

Please click below for a list of directory by topic, showing which LSCBs have examples within each topic.

AILC has created a page that lists all 46 topics (both LSCB “Process’ topics and abuse/neglect “Subject” topics) and against each topic is the name of the LSCB providing this information. There are over 166 examples. If you wish to submit further local examples or updates, please send these to policy@lscbchairs.org.uk.  To see this page with linked LSCBs please click here. (This page is also Private Members Content Only).