February 2017


I am pleased to introduce AILC’s regular monthly Newsletter, I do hope you find this useful – your views are always welcome.

We compile this information through our staff and Board members gathering pertinent matters during each month; when you send us any suggested contributions from your LSCB or regarding national news we are delighted and include these so that it’s truly your Newsletter. May I urge all Chairs and Business Managers send their local news to either their regional directors, or to



Congratulations to York LSCB, Chair and partners - judged to be Outstanding by Ofsted in their recent review. You can find the report, published on 7th February, here.

The full report highlights the important role of police, [Police representation commendable, chief constable as statutory board member, other police reps active key members], and also the importance of schools – [Representation from education partners is extensive, including academies and independent schools].The role of the Chair Simon Westwood, who is an AILC Board member, was commended; [independent chair resolute in leadership of the board resulted in highly effective multi-agency partnership working]. Overall the report stresses the value of strong multi-agency partnership working in keeping children safe and the important of robust scrutiny and challenge. It praises the focus of the Board on understanding the perspectives of children and young people, as well as its contribution to setting local strategic priorities.


The Bill is now into the Report Stage in the HOC, to be followed by Third Reading, and prior to Royal Assent. Amendments continue to be submitted, including calls for personal social and health education to be made mandatory in all schools (a position that AILC supports) and for changes to the arrangements for secure accommodation and for refugee children. We are still concerned that there has been limited scrutiny of the local safeguarding arrangements. Although the Bill has progressed some distance, there is still the opportunity to influence, through feedback and discussion. AILC reps are attending a series of 4 meetings held by DfE in Sheffield and London, and has also holding its own meeting with DfE, and is working with ADCS, LGA and other key partners to agree common issues.

Since our last Newsletter, AILC has received a response from the Children’s Minister in relation to AILC’s submission, and will be taking this up particularly with regard to the need for school involvement, the need for a strong independent element to deliver scrutiny and challenge and the need to ensure that new arrangements are adequately resourced. We have revised our briefing note and would encourage Chairs to use this to start local discussions about future arrangements, click here to visit the Government Review Private Members page to download the Briefing Note.

AILC will be producing a framework with key national bodies that will support local partnerships in looking at how they might decide the best format for future arrangements.

You can see the latest progress of the Bill here.

AILC's submission last month to the Bill has been published on the Parliament website, click here, alongside 73 others including Liberty stating that the “Opt Out” clauses 2-9, “would allow the subversion of the rule of law and proper parliamentary process. It is entirely inappropriate for primary legislation to be amended by regulations made by the Secretary of State at the request of a local authority” and “creating a postcode lottery of legal protection for children’s rights.” You may have read that Professor Eileen Munro is now concerned about the implications of these exemption clauses.


AILC is increasingly sharing information through Twitter @AssocLSCBChairs and the website - see our recent tweet that AILC’s submission focused upon the “prime duty children’s interests; all partners equal footing; independent scrutiny; adequate resource”. What are your views? Chairs, Business Managers and LSCBs, Please do send your views on the Bill so that AILC’s discussions are well informed by your perspectives - to


Our Treasurer Chris Miller is working hard to ensure that child abuse is given proper recognition within the new data set being developed, alongside the various medical standards. Please send your views or questions to Chris via


Those Chairs with LSCBs yet to be inspected under SIF, and those willing to be Supporters/Mentors, please contact who will help you to make contact directly.

Our next analysis of the latest Ofsted reports, with themes for LSCBs, will be published in April 2017.



AILC has made a submission to the developing guidance on Neglect in the Deep Dive investigation by Inspectorates of multi-agency arrangements to help and protect children living with neglect. Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and HM Inspectorate of Probation will inspect the theme of Neglectin six local authority areasbetween May and December2017. Ofsted will publish a thematic overview report on this deep dive theme summarising the key findings from all six inspections once completed. The neglectguidanceis complimentary to the core JTAI framework published here.


AILC has now made contact with the Child Protection In Sport Unit and AILC will be compiling with CPSU a Top Tips for LSCBs on Sports shortly. Further resources can be found here.


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