Surveys and Supporting Information

From time to time, a range of organisations wish to survey all Chairs and/or all LSCBs (or smaller, targeted groups) and providing the survey's objectives fit with AILCs vision and aims, AILC assists by being the conduit to provide the necessary information.

This page has been created to provide supporting information for any live surveys and where appropriate, to share any results that may be presented. 

If you are interested in surveying Independent LSCB Chairs or LSCB Board Managers (and representatives) please contact Alison Thorpe at for further information.

AILC Member Surveys

AILC regularly surveys its members and the wider LSCB community on its views regarding a wide range of safeguarding issues. The survey results and reports from current and past reports can be found here. This includes the results to our latest surveys relating to charting the changes across LSCBs in light of the Children and Social Work Act implementation.  

Please note, the members survey page is only available to Members. If you would like to join as in Independent Chair or under our Partnership Agreement for any LSCB staff, please contact Alison at 

Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) Survey

Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) is a rare form of child abuse in which a parent or carer exaggerates or verbally fabricates symptoms, or deliberately creates physical signs of illness, in the child. It is also known as ‘Munchausen's syndrome by proxy'.

The government’s statutory guidance on FII, ‘ Safeguarding Children in Whom Illness is Fabricated or Induced’, was published to assist practitioners and managers know what to do if they had or suspected they had a case of FII, and the training pack ‘Incredibly Caring’ was commissioned to assist LSCBs, practitioners, and their managers to implement this guidance. It was distributed in DVD format to all LSCBs in 2009.

This survey aims to ascertain what experience your LSCB, and partner organisations, have had of FII, and of training on FII. It is being undertaken by the University of Sheffield, in conjunction with the 'Incredibly Caring' project team, with permission from The Association of Independent LSCB Chairs.

The survey commenced on 9th March 2017 and was published to close on 10th April 2017.  The survey deadline has been extended to 5th June, 2017.  The word version of the survey can be downloaded below, if Board Managers or Chairs wish to be able to collate a wider response from their LSCB.

The survey can be accessed here.
Fabricated or Induced Illness Survey
(Microsoft Word Document)

Conference Evaluation Summary Report

The report below summarises the outcome of the national 2016 Conference of the Association of Local Safeguarding Children Board Chairs (AILC).

The sources of information for this report, and findings summarised below are:

  • Analysis of Conference Delegates’ feedback forms – report by Policy Adviser Sarah Webb, available on AILC website under Professional Development
  • Summary of Business Managers Network Meeting – report by Raj Bector, available on AILC website
  • Summary of Interactive Workshops led by Meeting Sphere

This report (and page) is only available to Conference attendees, AILC Chair Members and LSCB Partnership representatives. ​