AILC Submission to Parliament

AILC submitted its comments on the Children & Social Work Bill on the 4th January 2017. 

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Children and Social Work Bill

The Children and Social Work Bill is now being considered by the House of Commons.  It had its 2nd Reading on 5th December and is currently being considered through the committee stage, which is when most amendments and debate on the details will take place.  This stage is scheduled to finish by 17 January 2017, following which guidance and implementation will be developed through to 2018.  AILC will be submitting its views to MPs over the next few weeks and woking with other national stakeholders to ensure that the Bill does not weaken the fundamentals of strong multi-agency working: obligations on all partnersh; independent scrutiny and challenge; adequate authority and resource to fulfill the functions required. 

LSCBs may wish to submit their own comments on the Bill if they have views about abolition of LSCBs, or ANY aspect of the Bill.  This must be done in the next three weeks. You can submit your comments here.

Government Review

The latest AILC publication in relation to the Government Review of LSCBs is available to Members only.  This is a PowerPoint presentation on the Government Review for LSCBs to use with their boards.  We hope you find this useful.  This presentation will continue to be updated as the Children and Social Work Bill continues to progress through parliament.  The Version and date of update will be identified.  Latest version is V3-17/11/2016  

  Access to Presentation  

Government Review of LSCBs

The Government commissioned a fundamental review of LSCBs, Serious Case Reviews and CDOP arrangements which was undertaken by Alan Wood and reported in March 2016. The Association, together with many individual chairs and boards, made representations to the Review and also consulted widely, gathering evidence, surveying members views and setting out clear recommendations for effective multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.  The Association has been able to collate considerable evidence of what is working well in local areas, as well as identify where improvement and change may be required.  The Association’s submission to the Review is available below.

A general response to the Review from the Government was published in May 2016, and a number of the recommendations from the Review have been incorporated into the Children and Social Work Bill which is currently under consideration in Parliament. Our news page will carry up-to-date information about the content of the bill, the process for revising Working Together and other guidance and regulations, and the implementation of new arrangements when these are finalised. It is clear that there will be an extended period until 2018 of transition and implementation of whatever new framework is agreed by Parliament, and LSCBs must continue to undertake their work to co-ordinate, ensure co-operation and to challenge and scrutinise the safeguarding performance of all partners.

In January, March, June and September 2016 the Association convened a series of roundtable meetings with invited representatives from all parts of the safeguarding community, including ADCS, SOLACE, LGA, the Royal Colleges, Public Health, NHS England, Police and Police and Crime Commissioners, and the inspectorates. The Department for Education and Alan Wood also attended these sessions.These have been extremely useful in exploring the risks and opportunities involved in reforming safeguarding arrangements. The Department for Education is now starting its own process of discussion with stakeholders to which the Association is committed.

The Association Board has agreed as set of key proposition to serve as a framework for national and local responses to these changes. The Annual Conference in November 2016 will concentrate on debating these issues and setting out a clear strategy for both leading and adapting to these changes at local, regional and national levels.

LSCBs: Learning & Improvement Processes.

The NSPCC carried out a study of Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) in England and Wales to explore their learning and improvement processes and experiences.  They interviewed business managers from 12 LSCBs about how they identify learning opportunities and drive improvement. This report discusses the findings of the research, with practice examples. It includes a review of the literature on learning and improvement within the child protection system.

This research is relevant in light of the government's response to Alan Wood's independent review of the role and functions of LSCBs in England, which was published in May 2016. You can download the report here.


Track the progress of the Children & Social Work Bill 2016-17
Progress of the Bill
AILC Survey Report Re Government's Review of LSCBs
Includes statistical findings from questions about safeguarding structures, together with comments from Chairs and LSCBs about what makes LSCBs successful. Download below.
News Article on the Prime Minister's Review of LSCBs published in the Guardian on 22 February 2016. 
Government's Review of Child Protection must not weaken servcies - Written by Maggie Blyth and David N Jones.