The Association of Independent LSCB Chairs focuses its attention on the objectives which underpin it. These are expressed through the operation of its regional structure and the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan allows the Association to be responsive to emerging themes and challenges in child safeguarding.

The value of the Association as a source of shared learning and peer challenge for LSCBs, and as a national resource on which others can draw, will be measured through simple evidence gathering exercises. There will also be cumulative, contemporaneous gathering of intelligence and data through feedback from the regional groups.

This evidence, along with models of good practice, will be shared across the regions and through this web site.

AILC Strategic Plan

AILC shared its strategic plan in September 2017.  It sets out the context in which the Association and members are operating, and gives a clear steer on where we should be putting out energies, resource and commitment as a collective voice for improving children's safeguarding.  This will help frame the agenda for AILC over the next few months.

There will be an opportunity to discuss and develop these priorities further at the national conference in November, but the Board is not proposing to bring forward substantial changes to our constitution at this stage. We believe that our energies should be concentrated on ensuring the paramount attention to outcomes for children and young people during this period of change and adaptation.

AILC Strategic Plan Final
(Adobe PDF File)

AILC Articles of Association

AILC's Articles of Association were last amended in October 2015. The latest Articles can be downloaded below.
AILC Articles of Association
(Adobe PDF File)

AILC Publishes 2016-2017 Annual Report

AILC published its 2016-2017 Annual report in November 2017. You can download the report here:
AILC Annual Report 2016-17
(Adobe PDF File)

Annual Report Published

In the five years since AILC launched it has become a recognised partner in the national dialogue about safeguarding children.  We have shaped our vision for effective safeguarding arrangements. The Annual Report is available to download below.

AILC Annual Report 2014 - 2015

The AILC Annual Report 2014 - 2015 is available to download below.